Talks Building Freelancing Robust Android Apps Talk

Building Freelancing Robust Android Apps Talk

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Mobile apps are increasingly vital for small businesses, but how can they develop them? For small businesses with limited budgets desiring a custom app, the best solution is often to hire a freelance app developer.

Freelancers offer a more professional product than a DIY app builder at a fraction of the cost of a professional development firm.

And choosing to freelance is more than setting your hours and raking in cash. There are many aspects that aspiring freelancers. That’s what we are going to mention in this talk.

Things that mentioned in the talk

  1. Things to do before start coding
  2. App Idea
  3. Knowing the people that you are going to work with
  4. Time Plan
  5. Pricing Models
  6. Start the code journey
  7. How process works
  8. Communication is a good thing
  9. Leave a good impression

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