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Startups Guide to Mobile Development Workflow Talk

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By now, most of the businesses including both online and brick and mortar adventures have websites (responsive ones) to grow further. To all the low-profit new businesses who are aggressive enough to move high in a limited ability to focus, the current post is devoted to urging to have a mobile identity.

First and foremost, over 2.7 billion people are seen using smartphones these days. Gearing up for the entrepreneurship race is no longer an option, it has become a pure necessity. And whether you like it or not but this is the only way how one can turn your idea into a multi-dollar venture.

Further, we would love to mention in this talk some primary reasons stating why one should invest in mobile app development.

Things that mentioned in the talk

  1. Startup Idea First
  2. Mobile App Roadmap
  3. Market Research
  4. Cross or Native!
  5. The Mobile Team Structure and Process in Startups
  6. Do we need a Mobile Architect or Consultant?
  7. CI / CD in Mobile App Development.

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